Bury Choral Society
Our current sponsors and advertisers.
We greatly appreciate the donations which we receive each year from past Members of the choir, our audience and friends, without which we would not be able to maintain and improve on the standards we aspire to in performing great choral music  and employing professional soloists and our music team.

Sponsorship is another means of helping the choir.  The work we commissioned for our 175th Anniversary Concert, Cotton Mills, was made possible by grants from various national music and cultural oriented trusts.  But there are more immediate ways of sponsoring the choir, and we are indebted to Silletts Funeral Service who currently sponsor our concert programmes.

If you would like to know more or consider sponsoring as aspect of the choir’s activity – perhaps the music hire for a concert, the venue costs, a soloist – then please contact the Chairman at chair@burychoral.org

Bury Choral Society is proudly sponsored by Sillets Funeral Services